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NSA Builth Wells Ram Sale 2015 - Champion and Top Price.


The NSA Ram sale at Builth Wells proved an unforgettable event for us at Bronwydd Charollais. Firstly, on the Sunday in the Show our First Prize December born lamb went on to be Champion Ram Lamb and Overall Champion. We also achieved a 2nd and a 3rd in the other classes.

Then on Monday in the sale we achieved our first four figure price with our Champion Lamb 15WAJ00390 sired by Parkgate Hurricane out of a ewe by Logie Durno JR. At 1600gns he was sold to the pre-sale show judge David Roberts. Then our end of February born lamb that was 2nd in the January class 15WAJ00415 by Gwyndy Llewelyn out of a Parkgate ewe by Foulrice Knockout sold for the breeds top price of 2350gns to Robert Gregory, Edstaston Flock.


Champion Builth Wells Main Sale sold for 1600gns                                                                                    Top Price Builth Wells Main sale sold for 2350gns


Pembrokeshire County Show 2015


We enjoyed a great day at Pembrokeshire County Show gaining a number of prizes including Reserve Breed Champion for the third year in a row.

2nd, 4th and 5th prize Ram Lambs.
2nd prize Aged Ewe.
1st & 6th prize Shearling Ewes.
1st & 5th prize Ewe Lambs.
2nd Prize Group of three.
Reserve Breed Champion with Shearling Ewe.


1st Prize Yearling Ewe and Reserve Breed Champion (left) and the 1st Prize Ewe Lamb (right) pictured above.


Fishguard Show 2015.


Excellent day at Fishguard Show gaining the Champion Continental Sheep with our 1st Prize Aged ewe. Also we gained 1st prize ram lamb, 2nd prize ewe lamb, 1st prize shearling ewe.


New Stock Ram - Aberkinsey Peppermint


Purchased privately from the Aberkinsey flock, he is a Smart and Correct ram with excellent handling qualities. His sire, Glyncoch Mr T sired the Champion Ram Lamb at Worcester Premier Sale 2013 Aberkinsey Notorious sold for 3000gns and the top price Shearling Ram Aberkinsey Number 1 sold for 4000gns. Peppermint will now be used extensively to produce the 2016 lamb crop at Bronwydd.


Welsh Region Flock Visit - 7th June 2015

On the 7th June 2015 we are hosting the Region 6 flock visit. We extend a warm welcome to any members within the region or from other regions to Bronwydd to see our flock of sheep. The visit will include a viewing of the sheep including senior ewes, shearling ewes, ewe lambs, two groups of ram lambs and our stock rams. As well as this we will run a guess the weight competition and provide tea, coffee and light refreshments to guests. Following on from the flock visit there will be a Sunday lunch at a local hotel and a Welsh region 6 meeting.


Performance Recording - 21 week weight and Muscle depth Scanning.

Our 2015 lamb crop have been recorded today for 21wk weight and muscle depth. The largest weight amongst the ram lambs was a lamb at 80.5kg by Parkgate Hurricane out of a homebred Rainbow Hermes dam. Another lamb by Edstaston Lambarda out of a Rhaeadr Legend dam weighed in at 80kg. The largest muscle depth was for two ram lambs by Shamrock Northern Star at 35.1mm and 33.7m out of our show ewe from 2014 by Arjane Kingdom.

Amongst the ewe lambs the largest weight was 66kg for a Parkgate Hurricane sired lamb out of a Logie Durno J.R ewe. The largest muscle depths were 31.9mm for an Edstaston Lambarda lamb and 31.7mm for a Shamrock Northern Star lamb, both out of Rhaeadr Legend mothers.


Our Lambs are now weaned and out at grass at 12 weeks.



Performance Recording - 8 Week weights.


We have just completed the eight week weighing for the 2015 lamb crop. The top recorded weight was 42.5kg twice for two twin ram lambs by Parkgate Hurricane, one has a full brother at 39kg. Other ram lambs at 39kg and 38kg both singles by Edstaston Lambarda. Top ewe lambs at 39kg and 38kg both singles by Parkgate Hurricane.


2015 lamb crop - Ewes and lambs out at grass at 4 weeks.



New addition - Worcester Saucy Sale

At the Worcester Saucy sale this year I was delighted to acquire ewe lamb Edstaston Orchid. This stand out lamb sired by Rainbow Lindisfarne was the pick of the pen for me and I was determined to make her part of the Bronwydd Flock. Hopefully she'll be a useful addition. She is pictured below.

Builth Wells NSA Ram Sale


At the Builth Wells NSA sale the flock enjoyed a very successful weekend. In Sunday's show we gained one 1st in the untrimmed ram lamb class, 3rd in the open ram class (from over 40 lambs) and a further 6th and 8th place in the other classes. This was a great start.

Then on the monday sale the lambs averaged £538 for the five lambs topping a 720gns for the first prize untrimmed ram lamb. This lamb was sired by Rhaeadr Legend out of a Logie Durno JR ewe. He had excellent Ct scanning data to complement his tight skin and cracking handling qualities. This lamb was sold to the Parkgate flock in Dunfries, Scotland. The lamb is pictured below.

Pembrokeshire County Show


We had a very successful day a Pembrokeshire County Show, gaining Reserve Breed Champion with our Ewe lamb Bronwydd Olivia (pictured below). We achieved 1st with the ewe lamb, 2nd with the ram lamb, 2nd with the senior ewe, 3rd with the yearling ewe and 3rd with the yearling ram, as well as 3rd prize group.

Pictured above, Bronwydd Olivia sired by Edstaston Lambarda out of a full sister to Bronwydd Lucinda.


AI Day 2014


Our recent AI day went fairly smoothly this year. Our main service sire again was senior stock ram Rhaeadr Legend, being mated to half the ewes, he has made such an impact in the flock we were keen to use him heavily once more. We also used three other rams. Parkgate Hurricane, who is a proven breeder for the Rhaeadr flock, he was mated to some of our best ewes, as this was the last few doses of semen available, hopefully something special will come when the ewes lamb down. We also used Edstaston Lambarda, our previous stock ram through retained semen, he has bred so well for us that we simply had to use him again. And finally we were very fortunate to have the use of Shamrock Northern Star, stock ram in the Arbryn flock, having seen his lambs on the ground and at sales this year we were delighted to use this cracking ram. I look forward to how each of these bloodlines will contribute to next seasons lamb crop.


Worcester Premier Sale 2014


This years Worcester premier sale was a successful day for the flock. We sold all three lambs to a top of 1500gns for lot 54 Bronwydd Outlaw. This thick set, wide and smart lamb, with CT scanning data placing him in the top 10 UK lambs for gigot score, was purchased by Jamie Wild for his Redhill flock. Good luck with him Jamie, i'm delighted he went to such a good home. Bronwydd Outlaw is Sired by Edstaston Lambarda and is out of a ewe by Redberth Harry who is one of our most consistent breeding ewes. Outlaw is pictured below.



Yearling ewes for sale

This year we are in a position to offer an excellent bunch of Yearling ewes for sale from the farm. They are sired by Worcester Premier Sale Yearling Champion 2012 Rhaeadr Legend, Edstaston Lambarda Reserve Breed Champion Pembrokeshire County show 2012 and 2013 and Mortimer Jumbo top price ram Builth Main sale 2010 at 4200gns.

The ewes can be ai'd on farm to one of our Stock Rams prior to movement should the purchaser wish. For more details or to arrange a viewing please contact on 07792443807.

CT Scanning Results

The data has returned from the CT scanning process and it has highlighted some excellent lambs in the Bronwydd flock when compared to the whole of the UK data. Our best result was for 14WAJ00292 who scanned with a gigot score of 75.3 placing him 9th out of all 141 lambs scanned across the UK. This was very pleasing. This smart, wide, shapely lamb is now destined for the Premier Sale in Worcester. Another of our lambs 14WAJ00305 scanned with a eye muscle area of 35.1mm2 which placed him 11th from 141 lambs within the UK.

CT Scanning Carmarthen

This year we have taken the opportunity to forward lambs for CT scanning to aid performance recording data from our stock. We took seven lambs to the mobile CT scanning unit in Carmarthen in May. Pictured below are our lambs going through the CT scanning process. Information on the data collected to follow.


Performance Recording at 21 weeks and Muscle Depth Scanning

The lambs were recorded for 21 week weights and muscle depth in early May. The lambs have made excellent progress this year, largely due to two factors, better management of the flock and a milder spring, with earlier grass growth they have thrived. The largest weight recorded was 76kg for a ram lamb sired by Rhaeadr Legend out of an Arjane Kingdom ewe. There were other ram lambs at 74.5kg and 71.5kg, one again by Legend and the other by Edstaston Lambarda. The ewe lambs were also generally heavier than previous years topping at 64kg for at Rhaeadr Legend sired lamb out of a Logie Durno J.R daughter.

The muscle depths were also increased on previous years, but so was the fat value, probably because the lambs have had excellent growing conditions this year. This years highest muscle depth was for a Rhaeadr Legend sired ram lamb out of a Logie Durno J.R dam. He scanned with a muscle depth of 33.9mm. There were other ram lambs at 33.4mm and 33mm, as well as a 31mm muscle depth in a younger January born ram lamb by Edstaston Lambarda. Amongst the ewe lambs the largest muscle depth was seen in a daughter of Legend once again out of a J.R ewe, this eye catching lamb scanned at 32mm.

Picture below are this years Ram Lambs.

Pictured below are a selection of this years ewe lambs


Lambs weaned.

The December born lambs are now weaned and out in the field. The image below shows a selection of the lambs.


January born lambs recorded for 8 week weight.


The January born lambs have been recorded for eight week weight. Only a small bunch of lambs due to a good take on AI day, there are still some outstanding individuals in the group. The highest weight recorded was for a ewe lamb sired by Edstaston Lambarda at 38kg, she is full sister to our junior stock ram Bronwydd Nighthawk. Another lamb of note was a twin born ram lamb by Edstaston Lambarda out of a Glynoch ewe by Wardshill Goliath at 37.5kg.


8 Week weights recorded for December Lambs.


The December lambs have been recorded for eight week weight and have shown a significant improvement on previous years. The heaviest lamb came in at 40kg, a single by Rhaeadr Legend out of an Arjane Kingdom ewe. There were many lambs in the high 30kg range this year in fact all of the singles were over 35kg. But of particular note were a set of twin lambs out of last years show shearling ewe at 38kg and 36kg. The lambs are sire by Rhaeadr Legend with the dam being a daughter of previous stock ram Logie Durno J.R.


Lambing Time at Bronwydd.


The bulk of our 2014 lamb crop has arrived. There are fewer lambs on the ground this year as we sold a group of ewes to another breeder late on in the season. The lamb crop though smaller is also more uniform and appears to be of a good standard so far! The lambs are mainly sired by our main stock ram Rhaeadr Legend, there are also smaller numbers of lambs on the ground by our previous two stock rams Edstaston Lambarda and Logie Durno J.R.


Flock Competition Prizes.


In the recent Welsh Region Flock Competition we were delighted to gain 3rd prize flock of ewes. And also we gained 2nd prize Stock Ram in the Region with Rhaeadr Legend.


Females For Sale.


We have a limited number of Pedigree Females for sale, including Aged Ewes, Yearling Ewes and Ewe lambs. The ewes will be in-lamb to our two main stock sires Rhaeadr Legend Champion Shearling Ram Worcester Premier Sale 2012 and Edstaston Lambarda Reserve Breed Champion Pembrokeshire County Show 2012 & 2013. They will also be the sires of the ewe lambs along with Mortimer Jumbo top price shearling Builth II Sale 2010 at 4200gns.


Show Season 2013


We have just completed our three shows for this year. It has proved very successful. The results are given below.


Pembrokeshire County Show

Reserve Breed Champion with Aged Ram Edstaston Lambarda

Aged Ram 1st Prize with Edstaston Lambarda

Ram Lamb 4th & 5th with progeny of Rhaeadr Legend

Yearling Ewe 4th prize with daughter of Logie Durno J.R

Ewe Lamb 5th with daughter of Rhaeadr Legend

Group 5th Prize


Nevern Show

Continental Champion with Aged Ram Edstaston Lambarda

1st Prize Aged Ram with Edstaston Lambarda

1st Prize Ram Lamb with son of Rhaeadr Legend

2nd Prize Yearling Ewe with daughter of Logie Durno J.R

1st Prize Ewe Lamb with daughter of Rhaeadr Legend

1st Prize Group of Three


Fishguard Show

Continental Champion with Aged Ram Edstaston Lambarda

1st Prize Aged Ram with Edstaston Lambarda

1st Prize Ram Lamb with son of Rhaeadr Legend

1st and 2nd Prize Yearling Ewes with daughters of Logie Durno J.R

1st and 2nd Prize Ewe Lambs with daughters of Rhaeadr Legend

1st Prize Group of Three




New Junior Stock Ram - Bronwydd Nighthawk


Here is our new junior stock ram Bronwydd Nighthawk. He is a march born son of Edstaston Lambarda out of one of our strongest female line. He is a smart eye catching lamb, he has been all along, that handles exceptionally well, with an excellent back end. He is pictured below at 21weeks of age weighing 70kg. Nighthawk will be used across all of the later lambing ewes.

AI Day 2013.


This year our AI day went very well. Having been so pleased with the progeny of Rhaeadr Legend last year, we mated him with over half the ewes this year. It may have been more, but due to his lower index (caused by a lack of connectivity in the system i.e. lack of relatives or knowledge of his hereditary breeding), i wanted to trial him against a higher index ram. We therefore decided to use our old Stock ram Logie Durno J.R across a proportion of the ewes through frozen semen. It will be great to see the progeny of these two rams side by side on the ground all being well next winter. The final proportion of ewes were mated to our other stock ram Edstaston Lambarda due to his excellent March born progeny. We also intend to use a son of Edstaston Lambarda to sweep the ewes later on, he is our new junior stock ram Bronwydd Nighthawk.


Service Sire for 2013 - Senior Stock Ram Rhaeadr Legend.



Worcester Premier Sale Lambs 2013.


Pictured below are our three entries for the Worcester Premier Sale 2013. All of the lambs are sire by last years Champion Shearling Ram Rhaeadr Legend. Please get in contact through phone, email or our facebook page if you would like further deatils.



Eight Week Weights - March Flock.


The lambs from the March lambing flock have just been recorded for eight week weight and they have performed very well. They topped at 37kg for a ram lamb by Edstaston Lambarda out of a ewe by Arjane Kingdom, this smart looking lamb is pictured below. Another son of Lambarda weighed 36kg out of a ewe by Logie Durno J.R. Ewe lambs weighed to a top of 32kg for a twin Lambarda lamb again out of a J.R daughter.



21 Week Weights and Ultrasound Scanning.


The main flock of lambs has been performance recorded for muscle depth through Ultrasound Scanning and 21 week weights. With fewer lambs to record due to a ruthless cull of lambs into a positive Easter trade leaving our best bunch of lambs to date, which are even throughout. However, the recording data showed that the lambs to be a little leaner this year despite heavier weights, possibly a sign of the tough weather they have endured; this trend appears to be mirrored in many other recorded flocks.

The Ram lambs recorded to a weight of 74kg for a son of Mortimer Jumbo out of a ewe by Foxhill Gremlin, he scanned a muscle depth of 31mm. A son of Rhaeadr Legend weighed 70kg with a muscle depth of 29.4mm. Another Legend lamb out of a ewe by Edstaston Jigsaw scanned our highest muscle depth for the males at 32kg for a lamb weighing 62kg. It was in the ewe lambs that the highest muscle depth was seen in a ewe lamb by Mortimer Jumbo scanning 34mm at a weight of 60kg she is out of an outstanding Logie Durno J.R daughter. Two other Jumbo daughters scanned very well at 33mm for a 54kg lamb and 30mm for a 49kg lamb. A daughter of Rhaeadr Legend also scanned at 30mm for a lamb weighing 53kg out of a consistent breeding Southam ewe purchased at the 2010 dispersal.


Eight Week Update.


We have just completed the eight week weight recording data for the early lambs. The lambs have done well despite some awful weather and the flock appears to be continuing to make progress again this year; with significantly more lambs recording at higher weights. A top weight of 34kg was found in both ram and ewe lamb groups. The ram lamb is by our new Stock Sire Rhaeadr Legend out of a homebred ewe by Redberth Harry. The ewe lamb is by Mortimer Jumbo out of a homebred shearling ewe by Logie Durno J.R. Other lambs of note are two ram lambs by Mortimer Jumbo at 33kg and 32kg, both displaying excellent muscling qualities, one a triplet out a ewe from the Trevadlock line, the other out of another Redberth Harry ewe. The same muscling qualities are displayed in a further ram lamb by Rhaeadr Legend at 32kg out of a ewe by Parkgate Highlander.


Lambs go out!! Finally!!


The weather has finally settled for a couple of days and we have taken the opportunity to get the ewes and lambs out. Their response seemed to show that they were delighted of the freedom. Though the wet weather has been frustrating at least the mild temperatures have left us with a little grass.


A ewe lamb by Mortimer Jumbo out of a homebred J.R shearling.


A Few Lambing Pictures


13WAJ00218 - Sired by Mortimer Jumbo.

13WAJ00220 - Ewe Lamb by Mortimer Jumbo full sister to Mr T.

13WAJ00179 - Ewe lamb by Rhaeadr Legend.


Lambing Time at Bronwydd


The recent lambing period at Bronwydd has not been without its trials this year. However having come through it we have been left with an excellent and even bunch of lambs. There are nearly two ewe lambs for each ram lamb which should leave us with plenty of replacements to choose from. Our new stock ram Rhaeadr Legend has the largest number of lambs and certainly looks at this early stage to have stamped his progeny, we are delighted with his performance so far. They are wide even as small lambs with good skin. Some of our top ewes have excellent lambs at foot by this exciting new ram, we wait to see how they develop with great anticipation. We also have lambs by Mortimer Jumbo, he has carried on where he left off last year producing heavily muscled lambs; including one stand out lamb 13WAJ00220 a full sister to the 1100gns Bronwydd Mr T. Finally, our second stock ram Edstaston Lambarda, has fewer lambs on the ground in December, as he was used on the entire march lambing ewes, but has sired some excellent lambs including two cracking ram lambs that will be watched with anticipation. I look forward to March where we will have more progeny from Lambarda.

I will try to add some pictures in the up coming weeks. Also, check out our Facebook page where regular updates are posted.